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Thank you for joining us on web site….Welcome!!!!


The ROCKS INC. of 40 plus years continues to be the proud organization that our founders envisioned with mentorship at it’s core. We have evolved with time by expanding our membership to now include all Officers of all grades and components, Warrant Officers, ROTC/West Point Cadets and Senior Civilians. You will find our Chapters pretty much everywhere the Army has an Installation. We as an organization have applied the Army’s standard in both definition and practice of Mentoring Counseling and Coaching and thereby ensuring our Chapters are following those standards. Although this is our core competency we are engaged in other activities. We have established close working relationships w/ Army Leadership primarily through the Army G1 and the ASA MRA for Diversity and TRADOC. We have and will continue to work closely with West Point and Cadet Command  .We use the opportunity to reinforce the principles of mentorship through their membership w/ our local chapters. Although mentoring is our core function we also compliment that program with developing counseling and coaching skill sets.


We also aggressively market both the ROTC Scholarships and applications to West Point and have recognize an improvement in the applications to both programs we still have room for improvement with both programs. Your help is needed in this effort especially from a resourcing standpoint.


We are very proud of our scholarship programs both at the National and Chapter level where we annually award $24,000 in scholarships with several going to students pursuing STEM Programs.


Although we are proud of what we have achieved we realize we haven’t scratched the surface especially when you consider our potential.


Like most nonprofits we are only limited by the resources we can generate. You have been a most generous supporter and I thank you for that. But for us to achieve or vision we must generate more resources. With that in mind we are looking at areas we here to for have not considered such as reoccurring support from the Corporate side whether it be support of programs or cash. Your ideas and support in this arena are most welcomed.


All in all, I believe you would agree THE ROCKS INC is a great organization and one we all should be proud of. Join me and the Board to continue this positive trajectory.