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Bobby Burke Award Information


Purpose: The Colonel (Retired) Robert “Bobby”  B. Burke “ Award is bestowed upon members of the ROCKS, Incorporated who meet the criteria established in the succeeding paragraphs.


Background:   Colonel (Retired) Robert “Bobby” Burke served for 22 years before retiring at the rank of Colonel.  He was a bright, affable person with an ever-present smile on his face, and he had an infectious personality that made people want to be in his company.  If a problem needed solving, COL Burke always seemed to have a solution.  Whenever someone needed help, be it concerning a job, friendly advice, or whatever, he was always there to lend a hand.  … Clearly COL Burke was the ultimate “people person” and an excellent role model.  Colonel (Ret) Burke demonstrated humility, yet magnificence as both a man behind the scenes and one who accomplished many endeavors.  He served as the catalyst, initiator, ultimate support pillar, and the inspiration to make the right things happen for the greater good.


Bobby B. Burke Award Selection Committee (BBBASC): The BBBASC consists of all previous recipients of the Bobby B. Burke Award.  The BBBASC is a special committee appointed by the National Chairman of the Board.  Committee members, whether assigned locally or not, are afforded the opportunity to provide input to the selection of the recipients.


Sample Letters - Candidate
Sample Letters - Recipient