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            ALOHA ROCKS Chapter Officers

Executive Officers:
President                                                                                         MAJ Mishenda S. Siggal
Vice President, Operations                                                             MAJ Tamara A. Da Silva
Vice President, Administration 1LT Summer M. Thomas
Secretary                                                                                    Vacant
Treasurer                                                                                    MAJ Patrick S. Boyd
Mentorship Chair                                                                          CPT Mark Moore
Membership Chair                                                                     CPT Justin T. Thomas Chaplain CPT William R. Brown (Ryan)
Ways and Means Committee Vacant
Scholarship Committee Vacant Community Service MAJ Shari Bowen
Leadership Outreach Vacant
General Counsel CPT Devin Vickers
PAO/Web Administrator 1LT Jermaine J. Branch (Jay)
Parliamentarian MAJ Marqus Berry
Historian Vacant