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     Eric P. Flowers, USA, COL (R)
                                                                         (678) 485.6444

Key Responsibilities

As your Vice President, Finance, I provide leadership and oversight of the organization’s fiscal planning and resource management functions to ensure financial transactions and reporting conforms to generally accepted accounting principles. I am the organization's primary advocate for common sense expenditures that can be tied to measurable and meaningful returns on investment.

My position entails the following responsibilities:

- Developing and enforcing fiscal policies that preserve the organization's tax-exempt status;
- Directing and coordinating financial planning and budgetary management functions;
- Monitoring and analyzing monthly financial activity against budget forecasts to identify beneficial and/or problematic trends affecting the fiscal health of the organization; 
- Overseeing daily operations of the organization’s finance and accounting activities by approving various organizational expenses;
- Managing the preparation and dissemination of all financial reports;  
- Guiding the preparation of financial forecasts for the organization;
- Ensuring the organization complies with local, state, and federal budgetary reporting requirements;
- Leading the National Board in the development of an annual budget based on zero-based budgeting concepts and measurable end states;
- Establishing the organization’s short and long-range financial goals, objectives, policies, and fiscal operating procedures;
- Coordinating the execution of required financial audits and the implementation of audit-generated recommendations to exhibit proper fiduciary responsibilities, and;
- Providing chapters and interest groups assistance with the establishment of sound fiscal tactics, techniques and procedures.


With those responsibilities, I pursue the following goals for 2020:

  • Teach, coach and mentor all Chapter treasurers
  •  Develop and implement prudent fiscal management policies that align themselves with our strategic plan
  • Increase and expand the organization’s financial transparency
  • Participate in at least ten (10) Chapter Assistance Visits
  • Ensure all Chapters attain and/or retain their respective 501(c)(3) statuses
  • Help Chapters establish fiscal policies that enable scholarship giving and efficient and effective fund-raising strategies
  • Respond to requests for assistance within eighteen (18) hours
  • Help as many people/Chapters as possible to reach their fiscal management potential!

For the Good of the ROCKS!

Eric Flowers